Posted: 2019-05-02 10:00:00.0

Updating the skill and putting it for certification today! Uses Fifth Edition Basic Rules!

Dungeons & Dragons Skill May Update 2019

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I updated this skill and now I'm planning on certifying it. There are some pretty huge changes to it, so hopefully it works really well now!

Basically, before the way the system worked was that when you made a request, the skill would make a best guess string comparison to understand what you were asking and give you results. The problem was this was slow, cumbersome, and inaccurate.

However, since changing my system from using serverless to having a server and having access to relational tables, I've been able to update things quite a bit. I spent a lot of time rebuilding the table model to look up data, and now things can be significantly more accurate.

When you make a request like "how many hit points does an ancient red dragon have" I can pull the hit points request and the ancient red dragon, and then I look up for a pairing of those two features in the database to report the results. It works for any fields that are keyed to a key/value pair, which makes it way more accurate. At the most basic level, if you just ask about a feature like the 'blinded' condition, it will give you a description of it from the books, but you can also look up the page number to find out where it exists in basic rules.

This is only available on Alexa right now, and it also only covers basic rules. It's free to use and enable, and as soon as it is certified by Amazon the links will be live again! Long term I would like to integrate a few features from what is on my site into the skill (you could make your character here on the website and then ask about things like current hit points on the skill or who is up in initiative) but that is a long term goal and well outside the scope of what I'm doing right now.

In any case, try it out and let me know what requests don't work. I can always update the model to make it more accurate, but I need people to try it out first and let me know what they think!