Posted: 2019-05-20 13:53:00.0

The final season was a tremendous let down for a lot of reasons.

Game of Thrones: Phoned in Final Season

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I loved this show from the first episode, and the creators proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they could make entertaining television. I watched the first few episodes and then read all of the books, and I was hooked completely.

Every character felt right, the story was finely tuned and brutal, and it felt like things were heading toward a climactic finale.

And then we got season 8.

I get it. A lot of the actors wanted out, people were ready to move on, and it was time to turn to new projects and shows. But, the lackluster final season really felt like a huge let down considering everything that came before.

Honestly, the story itself was bad, but it goes deeper than that. The little editing mistakes (a coffee cup and water bottle showing up in the final product), poorly thought through battle strategies, and overuse of tropes in the last few episodes really tore the show apart. What's worse is that they were offered four more episodes to finish things out (and could have used 8) and turned it down. Theatrically, the episodes were beautiful and well crafted, but rushed and ham handed too.

Sure, George R.R. Martin has been taking his sweet time finishing his story, but now more than ever I pray he can pull out a miracle and give the series the ending it deserves. None of the characters deserved the treatment they ended up with, and even though the final moments of the show might have been scripted long ago, the execution was sorely lacking.

Oh well, here's to hoping something else comes along to pick up the pieces of where Game of Thrones failed.

Just my opinion.