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The first part of our dungeons and dragons campaign as a summary.

Dungeons & Dragons Undead - Part 1

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We've been running this campaign for a while, so I thought it would be nice to catch everyone up about exactly what has been happening. In this campaign I play a character named Oliver Cross, who is a sorcerer.

Not just any sorcerer, but an incompetent sorcerer.

Well, I guess I better throw this explanation out there to catch you up. Our company includes: a human warlock, a tiefling paladin, a human cleric who THINKS he's a paladin, a simple brute fighter, and me, Oliver.

It was almost a year ago that we were in the old world fighting to protect the last city on earth (so we believed). Hard to believe it's been so long. We were in a castle surrounded by an undead army, making our last stand beside our glorious leader.

It went about how you might expect.

Everyone died around us until we were the last few standing. None of us had known each other before, but the undead queen came in to destroy our leader once and for all. We aided him as best we could at level one, and then the world exploded into a bright white light and we knew no more.

When we woke up, we were in a new and unexplained place together. The warlock had a broken leg, the brute broken weapon, but we were otherwise alright. Well, that is except for the pig trying to eat our paladin.


Not for him. For us.

That's when we met Raj. He explained the new world to us. This far off place where the queen's evil had yet to reach. The idea of a land unspoiled by her hatred was nearly unfathomable, yet somehow joyous. We've seen cities that don't hide behind walls, met people without a care in the world, and seen children who know nothing of the evils that await them.

Of course, it was all an illusion.

The queen's evil is still here, and she's coming to take these lands, too. We're trying to stop it, but if I'm being completely honest I don't believe we will be able to. How do you defeat an army of the dead? As your people fall, her army grows...and there are a lot of people who will be worth more to her than they are to us.

Nevertheless, we will attempt to stop this evil.

Most recently our journey has brought us and an evil knife we acquired from one of the queen's minions to a small city in the south. There we hope an old hag (who turned out to be rather young in appearance) will be able to help us track its source back to the evil who wielded it. 

I fear, however, that we are fighting a battle of triage. If we are to beat the queen and her minions, we will need to turn to tide against her and put her on the defensive, not merely patch up the holes.

In any case, that is all for now. I will leave more details in this journal later. Should we fall in battle, there is hope that someone else might take up the call and fight the good fight.

That, I hope, is you.

I'm not optimistic, though. I have met many of the people from these new lands, and found them wanting.