All of my Skills

Animal Sounds

Want to hear an animal roar? Or maybe a cat purr? Check out Animal Sounds Today! To enable to skill, just visit the page on amazon, click enable, and then just say 'Alexa, open Animal Sounds!'

There are over 100 unique sounds included now and I'm adding more all the time!

Couch Potato

Tons of unique information including facts, quotes, and more! Simply enable the skill, say open Couch Potato, and then listen to all of the unique facts, quotes, and other information contained within. This skill has thousands of unique pieces of information that will be reported randomly upon request.

Silver Linings

Weather at its finest. All you need to do for this skill is ask to hear your weather, though you can do so much more!

Simple enable the skill, say open Silver Linings, and then request whatever weather details you would like to look up.

Includes a summary, sunrise and sunset times, moon phase, a seven day forecast, precipitation, weather alerts, and so much more.

Simple Translator

A simple translation application for Alexa with over 100 included languages.

The Dark Citadel

The world of the Dark Citadel is under attack. The citadel has reawakened and evil things are starting to make their presence known. Will you save the world from these new threats?

Includes a lot of unique content, including weapons, armor, trinkets, special powers that enhance the gameplay, and so much more.

New chapters are released all the time, as well as paths and additional features.

Also, compete in PvP against other players by invading an opponents keep or finding items out in the world to defend your own!

Word Scrambler

Can you unscramble the words?