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Animal Sounds

Want to hear an animal roar? Or maybe a cat purr? Check out Animal Sounds Today! To enable to skill, just visit the page on amazon, click enable, and then just say 'Alexa, open Animal Sounds!'

There are over 100 unique sounds included now and I'm adding more all the time!

Couch Potato

Tons of unique information including facts, quotes, and more! Simply enable the skill, say open Couch Potato, and then listen to all of the unique facts, quotes, and other information contained within. This skill has thousands of unique pieces of information that will be reported randomly upon request.

Dungeon Master

With this skill you can search for and display over 21,000 unique results from the dungeons & dragons rule set. All you need to do is ask. Example requests: 'How does Acid Arrow work?' <- Can be as simple as saying 'Acid Arrow' 'What page is blinded on?' 'How many hit points does an ancient red dragon have?' 'What skills can a druid pick?' If you have a bug to report or a feature to request, please contact me directly at If you try to ask for a rule and it doesn't recognize what you are asking for, please let me know so I can sync up the request to the interface to make it more accurate in the future. Enjoying this skill? Please consider leaving a review. Reviews encourage developers to work harder! All of the rules are open source through Wizard of the Coast and I have no affiliation to wizards of the coast and use the rules as part of the Open Game License.

Ghost Stories

A collection of scary stories aimed toward children! These aren't meant to be the scary drag out stories that will keep kids up at night, just spooky ones.

Mad Libs

Fun mad libs that are really easy to create and will be read back

Party Trivia

Designed for larger groups of people, this trivia game is set up for speed and simplicity to keep things moving!

There are multiple game types, including a streak game, normal game with up to three players, an instant win game with unlimited players, and a competition game where you can compete on a global leaderboard!

Recipe Magic

Recipes lookup skill on Alexa! Thousands of recipes available! You can search through the catalog of recipes other people have found, or you can pay monthly for unlimited recipes and searches.

Silver Linings

Weather at its finest. All you need to do for this skill is ask to hear your weather, though you can do so much more!

Simple enable the skill, say open Silver Linings, and then request whatever weather details you would like to look up.

Includes a summary, sunrise and sunset times, moon phase, a seven day forecast, precipitation, weather alerts, and so much more.

Simple Translator

A simple translation application for Alexa with over 100 included languages.

The Dark Citadel

The world of the Dark Citadel is under attack. The citadel has reawakened and evil things are starting to make their presence known. Will you save the world from these new threats?

Includes a lot of unique content, including weapons, armor, trinkets, special powers that enhance the gameplay, and so much more.

New chapters are released all the time, as well as paths and additional features.

Also, compete in PvP against other players by invading an opponents keep or finding items out in the world to defend your own!

Trivia Monster

Play against the trivia monster in four different game types with thousands of questions! Go for a streak or play against friends!

Play instant win, streak, or normal games, plus a unique button game type that is useful if you have echo buttons!

Word Hacks

Word Hacks is an application designed to make your life easier. Whether you are working from home and need to quickly look things up or just want to get some quick information about a word you are trying to add to a college paper, this skill can help save you time. Are you searching for the perfect synonym to give your email a little extra oomph? Did you just think of a great idea for your next short story and you don't want to forget it? Or, maybe you are just interested in expanding your linguistic chops with idioms, strange words, and translations that you can slip into conversation? All of those tasks and more can be performed with Word Hacks! What are you waiting for? Check Word Hacks out! With this skill, you can: -- Find synonyms or antonyms of a word. -- Lookup words that sound alike. -- Search rhyming words. -- Learn the descriptive adjectives of a word. -- Find homophones. -- Get the definition of a word. -- Hear example usages of a word.

Word of the Day

Hear a new random word with details about its usage, spelling, and more!

All of my Skills