The Dark Citadel

Basic Stats

Name Alexa
Class Barbarian
Hit Points 37
Armor Class 9
Character Bonus 3
Level 3
Gold -30
Experience 624


Won 2
Lost 0
Defended 0
Failed to Defend 2


Chapter Game Difficulty Times

Powers Trained

Power Attack With this power you do extra damage on your attack but the enemy goes first. You can use it a few times per day before needing to rest.
Lethal Attack With this power you strike a lethal blow that has a 50% chance to kill an enemy outright. On a failure nothing happens. Can be used a few times per day before needing to rest.

Stats Trained

Combat Your combat stat represents how well you can fight and what weapons and armor you are allowed to use.
Initiative Initiative is how fast you react, and having a higher initiative affects how often you go first in combat.

Skills trained

Athletics Your athletics skill represents how well you run, jump, and swim.
Stealth Your stealth skill represents how well you are at sneaking both in and out of combat.

Equipped Items

Weapon Magical Sword A weapon that does high amounts of damage on each swing.
Armor Magic Armor Armor that increases your armor class by seve
Trinket Magical Trinket A special trinket that gives you a bonus on all stats and skills plus training in Stealth.


Recharge Potion 80
Armor Potion 11
Skilled Potion 11
Healing Potion 95
Damage Boost Potion 81

Clues Discovered


Sword 6
Magical Sword 20
Berzerker hammer 17
Fireball 11


Magic Armor 7
Leather Armor 2


Friendship Feather
Lucky Boots
Magical Trinket
Diplomacy Headpiece
Stealth Boots
Ring of Charisma
Sure-Sighted Monacle
Your Mother's Gift Cloak


Orc 1