The Dark Citadel

Basic Stats

Name Unnamed
Hit Points 183
Armor Class 14
Character Bonus 12
Level 50
Gold 2518
Experience 62052


Won 0
Lost 0
Defended 0
Failed to Defend 1


Chapter Game Difficulty Times

Powers Trained

Stats Trained

Wisdom Your wisdom stat represents how wise you are.
Charisma Charisma represents how well you interact with people and how much they like you.
Combat Your combat stat represents how well you can fight and what weapons and armor you are allowed to use.
Constitution Constitution affects how many hit points you have

Skills trained

Perception Your perception skill represents how good you are at spotting things and tracking enemies.
Stealth Your stealth skill represents how well you are at sneaking both in and out of combat.
Diplomacy Diplomacy is how good you are at manipulating people, calming situations, or convincing people to join you.
Bluff Bluff represents how good you are at lying.

Equipped Items

Weapon Magical Sword A weapon that does high amounts of damage on each swing.
Armor Leather Armor Armor that increases your armor class by two.
Trinket Your Mother's Gift Cloak A cloak your mother gave you to begin your journey. It grants a bonus to luck.


Recharge Potion 22
Healing Potion 64
Damage Boost Potion 23

Clues Discovered

Rare Dangerous Herb
Recovered Isabel's Trinket
Saved the Queen
Saved the Caravan


Sword 6
Bow and Arrows 7
Great Axe 10
Great Sword 10
Magical Sword 20
War Hammer 8


Chainmail Armor 4
Leather Armor 2
Plate Armor 6


Your Mother's Gift Cloak


Bandit 66
Bandit Leader 2
Bear 7
Crazed Orc 4
Drunkard 8
Giant Rat 7
Giant Spider 6
Goblin 17
Goblin Commander 6
Hawk 1
Imposter 8
Orc 41
Shadow Monster 88
Thief 25
Zombie 1