The Dark Citadel

Basic Stats

Name Unnamed
Class Wizard
Hit Points 107
Armor Class 11
Character Bonus 4
Level 17
Gold 139
Experience 9054
Last Played Oct 20, 2019 at 02:47


Won 1
Lost 1
Defended 1
Failed to Defend 2


Chapter Game Difficulty Times
1 The Dark Citadel EASY 2
2 The Dark Citadel EASY 1
3 The Dark Citadel EASY 1
4 The Dark Citadel EASY 3
5 The Dark Citadel EASY 1
6 The Dark Citadel EASY 1
Invasion The Dark Citadel EASY 1

Powers Trained

Teleport With this power you can return to the main menu at any time without needing to spend any gold or reset.
Lethal Attack With this power you strike a lethal blow that has a 50% chance to kill an enemy outright. On a failure nothing happens. Can be used a few times per day before needing to rest.
Meteor Swarm With this power you can call down a swarm of meteors that will do deal half the remaining health of all enemies.
Parry You deal half damage with this power but have a chance to block all incoming attacks.
Chain Lightning With this power you hit all enemies for a set amount of damage if they fail their save. Can be used a few times per day before needing to rest.

Stats Trained

Defense The defensive stat represents how well you defend yourself in combat.
Wisdom Your wisdom stat represents how wise you are.
Combat Your combat stat represents how well you can fight and what weapons and armor you are allowed to use.

Skills trained

Arcana Arcana is a skill that allows you to interact with magic.
Insight The insight skill determines how well you can tell if someone else is lying.
Survival Your survival skill represents how well you are at surviving out in nature.

Equipped Items

Weapon Bow and Arrows A simple weapon.
Armor Leather Armor Armor that increases your armor class by two.
Trinket Your Mother's Gift Cloak A cloak your mother gave you to begin your journey. It grants a bonus to luck.


Healing Potion 0

Clues Discovered

Recovered Isabel's Trinket
Avoided the Bandits
Saved the Caravan


Sword 6
Great Axe 10
Valor Heart 12
War Hammer 8
Bow and Arrows 7
Fireball 11
Great Club 10


Leather Armor 2


Friendship Feather
Diplomacy Headpiece
Ion Stone
Miracle Pendant
Stealth Boots
Your Mother's Gift Cloak


Acolyte 13
Air Elemental 4
Assassin 3
Bandit 21
Bear 7
Crazed Orc 8
Crocodile 2
Fire Demon 3
Giant Centipede 1
Giant Rat 1
Giant Spider 2
Goblin 4
Golem 1
Guard 12
Imp 23
Imposter 8
Orc 16
Pixie 5
Sand Demon 2
Shadow Monster 2
Thief 4
Wolf 4
Zombie 2