The Dark Citadel

Basic Stats

Name Unnamed
Class Paladin
Hit Points 472
Armor Class 11
Character Bonus 7
Level 50
Gold -75
Experience 61396


Won 9
Lost 0
Defended 0
Failed to Defend 0


Chapter Game Difficulty Times
1 The Dark Citadel IMPOSSIBLE 1

Powers Trained

Lay on Hands With this power you can heal yourself with a quick action. Can only be used a few times before resting.

Stats Trained

Constitution Constitution affects how many hit points you have

Skills trained

Diplomacy Diplomacy is how good you are at manipulating people, calming situations, or convincing people to join you.

Equipped Items

Armor Armor of Chaos Armor of chaos that can be incredibly valuable or dangerous to the wearer.
Trinket Diplomacy Headpiece A headpiece that grants a bonus to diplomacy.


Recharge Potion 0
Healing Potion 1
Damage Boost Potion 0

Clues Discovered

Saved the Caravan


Sword 6
Moon Walker Blade 18
Demon Bite 16
Decimator 14
Valor Heart 12
Berzerker hammer 17
Abyss Dagger 16
Fireball 11
Whip 6
Crossbow 8
Great Club 10
Second Magical Sword 20
War Hammer 8


Armor of Chaos 6
Leather Armor 2


Cloak of Invisibility
Diplomacy Headpiece
Ion Stone
Miracle Pendant
Stealth Boots
Ring of Lying
Your Mother's Gift Cloak