The Dark Citadel

Basic Stats

Name Unnamed
Class Wild Mage
Hit Points 526
Armor Class 13
Character Bonus 7
Level 56
Gold 356
Experience 80418
Last Played Sep 30, 2019 at 13:05


Won 3
Lost 0
Defended 1
Failed to Defend 5


Chapter Game Difficulty Times
1 Last Light in the Dark HARD 1
4 Last Light in the Dark EASY 2
1 The Dark Citadel EASY 3
10 The Dark Citadel EASY 1
2 The Dark Citadel EASY 2
3 The Dark Citadel EASY 1
4 The Dark Citadel EASY 2
5 The Dark Citadel EASY 1
6 The Dark Citadel EASY 1
7 The Dark Citadel EASY 1
Invasion The Dark Citadel MEDIUM 2
Invasion The Dark Citadel EASY 1

Powers Trained

Wild Spell With this power you create a random effect at the enemy chosen from other powers in the game.
Lethal Attack With this power you strike a lethal blow that has a 50% chance to kill an enemy outright. On a failure nothing happens. Can be used a few times per day before needing to rest.
Precise Strike You take your time to increase your accuracy.
Meteor Swarm With this power you can call down a swarm of meteors that will do deal half the remaining health of all enemies.
Chain Lightning With this power you hit all enemies for a set amount of damage if they fail their save. Can be used a few times per day before needing to rest.
Sure Attack With this power you go on normal initiative but you can't miss. Can be used a few times per day before needing to rest.
Fortunate Streak With this power you will automatically re-roll any failed skill checks one time. Will only happen a few times per rest.
Teleport With this power you can return to the main menu at any time without needing to spend any gold or reset.

Stats Trained

Wisdom Your wisdom stat represents how wise you are.
Defense The defensive stat represents how well you defend yourself in combat.
Combat Your combat stat represents how well you can fight and what weapons and armor you are allowed to use.
Dexterity Dexterity represents how agile you are.
Constitution Constitution affects how many hit points you have

Skills trained

Luck Luck represents how lucky you are when you encounter random things out in the world.
Survival Your survival skill represents how well you are at surviving out in nature.
Insight The insight skill determines how well you can tell if someone else is lying.
Animal Handling Animal Handling represents how good you are at working with animals.
Arcana Arcana is a skill that allows you to interact with magic.
Investigate The investigate skill represents your ability to investigate your surroundsings.
Perception Your perception skill represents how good you are at spotting things and tracking enemies.

Equipped Items

Armor Armor of Faith A tremendously valuable suit of holy armor that protects its wearer from blows.
Trinket Miracle Pendant A pendant rumored to grant miracles for the wearer. Grants a bonus to all stats and skills and training in luck.


Recharge Potion 6
Armor Potion 0
Skilled Potion 12
Healing Potion 3
Damage Boost Potion 4

Clues Discovered

Rare Dangerous Herb
Bunny Rabbit
Saved Greenleaf
Underwater Grate
Recovered Isabel's Trinket
Saved the Queen
Red Rose Polaroid


Knife 4
Fireball 11
Sword 6
Berzerker hammer 17
Moon Walker Blade 18
Great Axe 10
Bow and Arrows 7
Great Club 10
Second Magical Sword 20
Decimator 14
Great Sword 10
Abyss Dagger 16
Valor Heart 12
Demon Bite 16
Crossbow 8


Armor of Faith 6
Chainmail Armor 4
Armor of Chaos 6
Leather Armor 2
Scale Armor 3
Plate Armor 6


Friendship Feather
Cloak of Invisibility
Diplomacy Headpiece
Ion Stone
Miracle Pendant
Ring of Charisma
Ring of Lying
Broach of Power
Wisdom Headpiece
Your Mother's Gift Cloak
Cloak of Hiding
Fighter's Cloak


Acolyte 61
Air Elemental 9
Assassin 24
Bandit 38
Bandit Leader 1
Bat Demon 12
Bear 30
Chaos Centipede 7
Chaos Rat 4
Crazed Orc 8
Crocodile 10
Cyclops 2
Demonic Imposter 2
Devil 1
Dragon 1
Drunkard 1
Eye Monster 2
Fire Demon 7
Giant Centipede 2
Giant Lizard 4
Giant Rat 9
Giant Spider 6
Goblin 47
Goblin Commander 1
Golem 6
Guard 43
Ice Demon 6
Imp 59
Imposter 8
Ogre 7
Orc 88
Pixie 32
Sand Demon 2
Shadow Monster 20
Skeleton 11
Thief 3
Vampire 2
Wolf 26
Zombie 18