Dungeon Master

With this skill you can search for and display over 21,000 unique results from the dungeons & dragons rule set. All you need to do is ask. Example requests: 'How does Acid Arrow work?' <- Can be as simple as saying 'Acid Arrow' 'What page is blinded on?' 'How many hit points does an ancient red dragon have?' 'What skills can a druid pick?' If you have a bug to report or a feature to request, please contact me directly at LincolnJCole@gmail.com. If you try to ask for a rule and it doesn't recognize what you are asking for, please let me know so I can sync up the request to the interface to make it more accurate in the future. Enjoying this skill? Please consider leaving a review. Reviews encourage developers to work harder! All of the rules are open source through Wizard of the Coast and I have no affiliation to wizards of the coast and use the rules as part of the Open Game License.

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