Prayer Helper

Listen to the recitation of multiple prayers via simple requests. Premium Feature: New voices will read the prayers aloud. You can set a voice at any time with a simple request. Included voices: * Olivia * Elizabeth * Harper * Samuel * Oscar * Lily * Alexander * Neha * Tamanna * Maya * George * Grace * Abigail * Jack Included prayers: - Our Father - Sign of the Cross - Hail Mary - Glory Be - Apostle's Creed - Nicene Creed - Guardian Angel Prayer - Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - Act of Contrition - The Magnificat - The Angelus - The Memorare - Salve Regina (Hail Holy Mother) - Litany of Mary - Hail Joseph - Act of Faith - Act of Hope - Act of Love - Pope Benedict XVI's Prayer for Vocations - Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas - Prayer of St. Dominic - Prayer of St. Benedict - Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi You can also ask what prayers are available to hear a list (and see the options if you have a screen). If you enjoy this skill, please consider leaving a review. If you have a request for new prayers to be added or new features please contact me directly.

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