The Dark Citadel

The world of the Dark Citadel is under attack. The citadel has reawoken and evil things are starting to make their presence known. Will you save the world from these new threats?

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This is an interactive adventure game where the choices you make affect the game world.

  • Gold
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Potions
  • Clues

You can acquire all of the above items on your journey and use them to make your character better.

Potions come in three varieties: Healing, Damage, and Recharge.

You can unlock specializations in your skills and stats. For stats, there are Combat, Charisma, Initiative, and Wisdom. For skills, you can specialize in diplomacy, stealth, perception, and luck.

Sure attack, Sneak Attack, Power Attack, and Quick attack all give you powerful attacks to use in combat.

All of my Skills