Word Hacks

Word Hacks is an application designed to make your life easier. Whether you are working from home and need to quickly look things up or just want to get some quick information about a word you are trying to add to a college paper, this skill can help save you time. Are you searching for the perfect synonym to give your email a little extra oomph? Did you just think of a great idea for your next short story and you don't want to forget it? Or, maybe you are just interested in expanding your linguistic chops with idioms, strange words, and translations that you can slip into conversation? All of those tasks and more can be performed with Word Hacks! What are you waiting for? Check Word Hacks out! With this skill, you can: -- Find synonyms or antonyms of a word. -- Lookup words that sound alike. -- Search rhyming words. -- Learn the descriptive adjectives of a word. -- Find homophones. -- Get the definition of a word. -- Hear example usages of a word.

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