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Dungeons & Dragons

I have a number of features built around dungeons and dragons that are just for fun and free to use. For example, I have a character sheet function designed for groups and campaigns. It's something I'm building for my friends but anyone can use it.

Basically, the way it works is you have to assign your own information, but once you do you can link your characters to a campaign. Once characters are linked, then anyone in the campaign can view the campaign page and see all of the characters. On the campaign page, you can also performs rolls for things like skills, saving throws, weapon rolls, and other features. You can even make the rolls with advantage or disadvantage.

The information is tracked dynamically, so when one person makes a roll, it will update for everyone who is viewing that campaign simultaneously and track the most recent twenty rolls.

There is also an initiative tracker on the campaign page you can use. For it, when you press clear it will add any players to the initiative setup. You can add new players or enemies to the list without needing to add characters to the campaign with their bonus (the first number). When you press roll it rolls for everyone and orders them based on the roll (the middle tracked number). Finally, hitting next and previous moves the list forwards and backwards to progress through initiative, and as you press it the number of times gone will increment or decrement (the final tracked number)

If you think of any useful extra features I could add to this please let me know.

If you play Dungeons & Dragons please also check out The Dark Citadel. It's my choose-your-own-adventure RPG game on Alexa with a lot of features like combat, skill checks, and other things built into a fantasy world. In the near future I'm planning on releasing Gumshoe Detective Agency (thriller/detective stories), Haunted House (horror), and Last Light in the Dark (space action/horror) using the same system.

One last thing to mention: I have an Alexa skill centered around D&D rules lookup.

With this skill you can make requests like "How much health does an ancient red dragon have" and get back quick little responses. One huge huge thing of note is that the rules are only sourced from basic content and do not include any outlier rules (don't start asking about artificers or other auxiliary features). I'm working to add improvements to this because it isn't easy to source the data, so let me know if you run into problems!

My Books

If you're looking for somewhere to start with my books, consider either The Ninth Circle for an action packed short novella. That will kick off both the World on Fire and World of Shadows series. I like action stories that are fun to read, so that's what I try to write.

My technothrillers and space operas are along the same lines. Graveyard of Empires is a series more for myself because I like the idea of a sprawling epic in space with a lot of characters and movine parts. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to write it recently so there is a ton of content just sitting and waiting to be added to it. CRISPR and UAV, on the other hand, are technothrillers about newer technology being used for bad purposes.

If you're interested in deep and thoughtful books about current societal issues and no action, I also wrote two novels called Second Chances and Ripples Through Time that are in the genre of literary fiction.

If you would like to support me, there are a couple of ways to do it. One is to buy a book on Amazon (if you click links on my site, they are likely affiliate links which means I get a small commission for the sale!), another is to download and use my skills (many of them have purchasable products), and a third is to tell people about my skills or books.

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