Welcome to LLitD

This website is primarily to aid in the alexa skills that I create and provides links from many such skills, including Recipe Magic.

Right now I am in the process of updating a lot of my skills and redefining my offerings, including some major new updates for Silver Linings, Recipe Magic, and Animal Sounds. Those will be entered into an Amazon contest through Devpost in the next couple of weeks.

Over time more will be added, but for right now if you're looking for my books or skills, please go to my other website.

Latest Articles

Here are my most recent blog posts worth checking out.

Entered DevPost Contest for Multi-Modal

News & Updates

Entered four skills into the competition, and now it is in the certification period!

Animal Sounds Won an Award!

News & Updates

Animal Sounds won an award (and a chunk of cash!) for the echo button contest!

Welcome to my Blog

News & Updates

A hello world post for my news and updates blog.

New Farm in Animal Sounds!

Skills Blog

I updated animal sounds with the farm!

Updates to The Dark Citadel

Skills Blog

Making a lot of updates and improvements to the Dark Citadel!

Welcome to my Skills Site

Skills Blog

This blog will serve to discuss the skill creation process.